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Introducing FlashStack Converged Infrastructure

flashstack stack

At Pure Storage we’re dedicated to a number of core principles, including delivering simplicity, efficiency and an excellent customer experience. While the Converged Infrastructure movement has dramatically simplified the deployment of computing, unfortunately most converged infrastructure solutions are based on slow, complex, bulky disk storage systems that just can’t keep up in a modern data center environment. Our customers often tell us they wish their entire data center infrastructure were as simple to buy, deploy, manage, and upgrade as a Pure Storage FlashArray.     Today Pure Storage is announcing FlashStack Converged Infrastructure (FlashStack CI), a 100% flash converged infrastructure solution…
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Demystifying Recent All-Flash Array Industry Market Share Reports

Today, IT consultant and blogger Chris Evans published a fun post dissecting the recent IDC All-Flash Array vendor market share numbers, and The Register did their round-up as well.  Whenever these reports publish there’s always a lot of speculation about them, as everyone digs in and tries to look through a cloudy porthole at what insight they shed on the industry.  Many of you probably read these reports, but not everyone gets the chance to be on the vendor side of the equation, so in this post I’ll share my perspective, and tell you what I know about the process for…
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