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The storage industry is facing the biggest disruptor it's seen in thirty years - the transition from mechanical disk to solid-state storage. This enormous opportunity opens doors for new engagements as users actively seek a better understanding of what flash can bring. Pure Storage's focus on making flash affordable and resilient makes it a perfect fit for reseller engagements - exciting new technology with a strong economic value proposition.

Harness a Catalyst

Analysts say that as much as $4B of the storage industry will switch to flash memory in the next four years. This disruptor in the storage market will displace incumbent suppliers who resist the transition. Partner with Pure to have unique access to flash experts and a set of broadly attractive features that are difficult for other vendors to replicate.

Be Different

Most suppliers are grossly under-estimating how different flash memory is to mechanical disk. The FlashArray is designed from the ground up for flash – and to be broadly appealing to a wide swath of the most profitable sector of storage – tier 1 enterprise applications.

Bank on Us

When you become a Pure Storage partner, you’ll find our strategy relies heavily on building and sustaining a robust network of partners. We believe in the strength and benefits of partnerships as a fundamental way to grow our business, which is why we share leads, opportunities, provide healthy margins and make it easy to do business.

Program Benefits

  • Lead generation programs
  • Lead Sharing programs
  • Channel Promotions
  • Deal registration and amrgin protection
  • Online deal registration with 48-hour SLA
  • Mobile deal registration
  • Dedicated technical resources to help close deals
  • Online marketing collateral
  • Eligibility for market development funds
  • Eligibility for discounts for NFR demo units

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