Cross Downtime Risk Off Your List of Concerns

Achieve new levels of availability with Purity ActiveCluster. Get worry-free business continuity – and zero RTO & RPO – across your data center, metro region, or globally across three data centers. It’s so simple you can set up in minutes, and Pure1™ Cloud Mediator means you don’t need a third site. ActiveCluster is included with Purity//FA 5.

ActiveCluster – ultra-simple and ultra-free

We’re introducing complete business continuity that requires no third site, no extra hardware or licenses, and no more than a few minutes to set up. Check it out.

Lose the Cost and Complexity

To date, business continuity (and/or synchronous replication for zero RTO) has been available and affordable to only a select few organizations – and for a limited number of mission critical applications – due to total costs of up to 100s of thousands of dollars, complex implementations, and the need for a third failover site and external gateways. Not anymore – Purity ActiveCluster changes everything.

Effortless and All-Inclusive Business Continuity is Here

Purity ActiveCluster makes zero RPO & RTO effortless, affordable – and easy – for every size business. Just four steps, and zero dollars. ActiveCluster delivers Active/Active synchronous replication, transparent failover, and a built-in Pure1 Cloud Mediator.


Always-On Protection

Synchronous replication and transparent failover together deliver zero RPO and zero RTO. Get high availability across arrays, data centers, or a metro region. Or add asynchronous replication for a three data center recovery option.

Four Commands
to Deploy

Purity ActiveCluster is Active/Active, with a cloud mediator built-in to Pure1. Setup everything in minutes with just four simple steps – no outside professional services required. Then monitor your system via Pure1 cloud.

It’s Yours at no Extra Charge

Business continuity is normally an expensive proposition. But Purity ActiveCluster is built-in, requires no additional license or fees, no external appliances, and no third backup site. It’s a simple Evergreen upgrade to Purity//FA 5.

Your Applications Won’t Blink

Applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, VMware, or Hyper-V deployed on Purity ActiveCluster can seamlessly keep running even if a disaster takes down an entire array, a whole data center, or even an entire metro region.

Just Four Steps

Stretch cluster deployments have been intimidating from the customer’s point of view. Look at the length in pages of the manuals from some of our major competitiors: 769 pages; 1,360 pages. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can launch ActiveCluster in minutes – with just four steps.

Active/Active is Key to ActiveCluster

Multi-site, Active/Active design is fundamental to the effortless experience of Purity ActiveCluster. Unlike Active/Passive implementations, ActiveCluster serves I/O on a given volume from both sites simultaneously. You don’t have to worry about the complexity of managing VM or database instance affinity to a site, and application latency is optimized with reads served locally.

Pure1 Cloud Mediator Ensures Safe Failover

Purity ActiveCluster uses Pure1 Cloud Mediator, a SaaS-based quorum witness, which means there’s no need for you to have a third site. Failovers happen safely, automatically and transparently. If an array fails, the Cloud Mediator ensures your hosts simply access data on the other array.

This is What We mean by Bullet-Proof

With Purity ActiveCluster, the following types of failure are completely transparent to your applications:


Your application host can fail.


One of your arrays can go down.

Data Center

One of your data centers can go offline.


Your whole network could go down.

How Will You Use ActiveCluster?

Think always-on operations, zero RPO & RTO disaster recovery, data sharing (for dev/test, analytics, etc.), and non-disruptive data migration. Purity ActiveCluster is perfect for clustered apps (Oracle, SQL, etc.) and VMware VMSC.

Metro availability

Delivers transparent failover and metro DR.

Rack-level HA

For an even higher level of availability within the data center.

Live Migration

Move workloads at will as capacity growth and performance needs require.

3DC Protection

Global protection with 3 data center configuration is supported with Async 3rd site.

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