Manage Locally, Monitor Globally

Pure1 Manage is an integrated local and cloud-based experience. Easily monitor and manage your FlashArrays, from any device, with just a web browser. Whether you have only one FlashArray or a global fleet, enjoy the freedom of cloud-based management simplicity.

FlashArray at Your Fingertips

Monitor the vital stats of your FlashArrays – IOPS, latency, bandwidth, capacity utilization, data reduction, and health statistics – by simply logging in to the Pure1 Cloud. It's as simple to monitor many as it is to monitor one.

More Information, More Insights

Drill down to an expanded view for greater insight into the usage and health of your FlashArrays. See capacity usage trends over months, performance detail over hours, and the health of each individual component.

Full Administration from Any Device

If you are inside your firewall or connected via VPN, Pure1 can log you into a FlashArray for complete administration. Any browser, any device, anywhere you have a connection.

Analyze to Your Heart's Content

FlashArray stores one year of data locally and multiple years in the cloud. All reporting is built-in and only requires a browser. Data can also be exported via APIs for detailed analysis with your favorite tools.

"Pure1 Manage allows us to monitor our storage arrays from anywhere."
David Moruzzi, Director
Lithium Technologies
"From the administrative side of things, you get your weekends back, you get your night time back."
Peter Dunn, Director
Lamar Advertising
"They’re able to look at the UI and in a couple of minutes understand it... that is kind of an amazing thing."
Sasha Kipervarg, Senior Manager

Install Nothing

Whether managing locally or from the cloud, there’s never any software to license, install, upgrade, or manage – and you won't need any extra servers. Better still, Pure1’s cloud-based model means we’re constantly making improvements that are available to you instantly.

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