Smarter Software Born for Flash

The software heart of the FlashArray, Purity Operating Environment is at the cutting edge of software-defined storage. Offering unrivaled 512B variable metadata that powers advanced data services, Purity delivers next-generation all-flash storage today.

What's Under the Hood?

Purity's advanced services are made possible by five key assets: industry-leading data reduction; Tier 1 resiliency with zero performance loss; built-in disaster recovery and protection; global flash management; and 512B variable metadata. Put them together and you've got the most powerful software-defined storage available.

Our Data Reduction is Simply Unbeatable

FlashReduce delivers the industry’s most granular and comprehensive data reduction. You’ll buy less storage now, and less storage in the future!

: 1 Average Data Reduction Rate (Deduplication and Compression Only)
: 1 AVERAGE TOTAL REDUCTION RATE (Deduplication, Compression and Thin Provisioning)

We're Prepared for Anything

Recover instantly from anywhere. FlashRecover delivers built-in, space-efficient disaster recovery and protection – both locally and globally. Setup and get protected within minutes with complete policy-based automation.


Designed for 99.9999% availability, FlashProtect keeps your data and applications safe, secure, and available at all times – without performance loss. Say goodbye to maintenance windows and hello to your weekends!

FlashCare: Efficient Flash Management Globally

Purity is built from the ground-up for the flash of today and tomorrow. FlashCare technology writes data to flash memory in the ideal manner for your entire array – optimizing its performance, balancing flash memory wear and maximizing lifespan, while allowing you to mix-and-match SSDs in the same system as you grow.

Purity Core: The Power of Variable-Block Metadata

What makes our flash arrays so efficient and high-performing in real-world mixed-workloads? Purity Core. Purity's 512-byte aligned variable metadata powers advanced services, delivering data reduction and real-world performance at scale. Fixed-block architectures simply can't touch this.

"Our most important clinical systems now run on Pure Storage."
John Pearce, Enterprise Architect
Riverview Hospital
"We can do an upgrade with no downtime in a production setting – that’s phenomenal."
Chris Dean, Director
Judson ISD
"Flash is the only thing that can handle this much data this fast."
Richard Wong, Director
Fremont Bank

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