Storage Software Born for Flash

The operating software heart of the FlashArray, Purity delivers global flash management and advanced data services.

Purity Operating Environment


  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
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  • RAID-3D
  • NDU
  • > 99.999% Availability
  • Encryption
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  • Replication
  • Snapshots
  • Protection Policies
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  • I/O Scheduling
  • Background Optimization
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Purity Core

  • 512-byte Variable
  • Metadata
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All Software Included
Flash Array//m
  • Industry’s Best Data Reduction
  • Disaster/Recovery & Protection
  • Proven Resiliency
  • Flash Management

Included inside each and every FlashArray at no additional cost.

FlashReduce: The Industry’s Best Data Reduction

5-10X reduction for virtually any application.

See how five different technologies reduce your data.

1 2 3 4 5

Application Data Pattern Removal 512B, Variable Dedupe Compression Deep Reduction Copy Reduction

/x 30
/x 30

Flash Reduce Ticker

Last Updated: 12:06:52 AM PDT


Average Data Reduction Rate

(Deduplication + Compression Only)


Average Total Reduction

(Deduplication + Compression + Thin Provisioning)

FlashProtect: Resiliency That Never Stops

Keep your data safe, secure, and available—without performance loss.

What good is flash acceleration without the resiliency to keep your applications up and running and performing all the time? FlashProtect keeps data safe, secure, and available, without performance loss.

Flash Array//m Flash Array//m

Perform All Maintenance And Upgrades On Live

No more lost weekends!

Flash Array//m

Non-Disruptive HW Upgrades & Replacement

Flash Array//m

Non-Disruptive SW Upgrades

Manage Component Failure Without Performance Loss

Always performing and available

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Active | Active High Availability

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HA Without Performance Loss

Dual-Parity Data Protection

Never lose data and keep it secure.

Adaptive Dual-Parity RAID-3D

Always-On Encryption

End-to-End Data Integrity Fabric

Built-In Disaster Recovery and Protection

Flexible. Automated. Space-efficient.

Flash Array//m Flash Array//m Flash Array//m Flash Array//m cylinders imac screenshot


Space-efficient Local Snapshots

1,000s with zero overhead


Space-efficient Remote Replication w/ Snapshots

Asynchronously replicate snapshots


Instant Recovery Anywhere



Flexible Multi-site Protection

1:1, 1:Many, Many:1


Complete Automation via Protection Policies

Consistency groups & variable retention

Your data is safe. Local or remote copies are always available for recovery. Multi-site protection keeps all your data centers secure. And automated end-to-end protection management means no wasted man-hours.

FlashCareTM: Global Flash Management

Extends flash life and adds flexibility.

100% Virtualized Data Layout

Virtualized, append-only data layout ensures data is spread across the large pool of flash memory. This results in extremely effective deduplication and compressions on a large scale.

Purity diagram Purity diagram

Flash Geometry-aligned Writes

Purity writes data to the flash memory in the ideal manner for each particular SSD – optimizing its performance, minimizing internal data movement, and maximizing lifespan.

Purity diagram

Continuous Background Optimization

Purity actively moves data from one physical location to another to balance flash memory wear, manage over-writes and deletion, refresh data, and heal around any underlying SSD failures.

Purity diagram

Flash Personality Layer

Purity fingerprints each SSD (vendor, model, firmware, controller), so it can optimize data placement and performance for each SSD’s unique characteristics, as well as mix-and-match SSDs in the same system.

Flash Array//m Purity diagram

Purity Core: 512-byte Variable Metadata

Enables advanced services

Purity employs a scalable, multi-tiered metadata scheme.

The flexible metadata structure has numerous benefits:

  • Virtually uncapped scale
  • Variable block size (512B – 32KB) for comprehensive data reduction, auto-aligning to all File Systems/Virtual Machines/Databases, and real-world performance
  • Protected against failure in the same manner as user data.
Purity diagram