On-Demand Webinar: Community education cloud reduces storage footprint 90%


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Attend this webinar to learn the benefits "IlliniCloud", a community education cloud providing 860 Illinois school districts with shared hardware, applications, services and IT support, gained from an All Flash cloud powered by Pure Storage and Commvault.

Faced with limited IT staff, reduced budgets, inadequate storage capacity and insufficient tools for managing data - does this sound like *your* situation? - schools participating in Illinicloud have realized the following benefits from the All Flash Cloud solution:

- Reduced storage footprint by more than 90%  

- Reallocated 3/4 FTE cost to new projects 

- Dramatically increased performance to enable real-time decisions about K-12 students

Join us for this webinar to hear about this journey directly from Illinicloud System Administrator, Jason Radford. This event will also feature a live demo of the Commvault Intellisnap for SQL Server functionality on Pure Storage. 

Why should you watch: Lessons learned here are applicable not only to IT administrators in school settings, but also to those across all industries and organizations who are faced with constraints.  And in this day and age, who in IT isn't facing constraints?


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