Understanding the Role of Flash in VDI and Beyond

View this on-demand webinar to discover the new methods that are allowing IT shops more flexibility in how they design storage solutions - with flash being one of the most popular options. In this on-demand webinar you will find out the use-cases and direct benefits of working with all-flash; and why the world is moving to a solid-state ecosystem.

We will cover:

  • New types of cost economics around flash
  • How all-flash technologies are reducing data center footprints
  • How cost considerations around all-flash are changing
  • Using VDI to optimize performance, management, and security
  • A look at real all-flash use-cases and best practices around deployment 

All-flash and solid-state solutions are revolutionizing resource utilization and reshaping the economics of the data center. Many of the older premonitions around all-flash are quickly going away as more organizations adopt flash for its many benefits. While VDI is one of the best workloads for all-flash storage, next-generation all-flash arrays are providing a number of direct optimizations for other virtualized applications, databases, the business, and the user experience.

Featured Speakers:

Bill Kleyman, VP of Strategy and Innovation, MTM Technologies

Vaughn Stewart, VP of Enterprise Architecture, Pure Storage

Featured Technology Partners