>10-to-1 Data Reduction for VDI.

VDI diagram

Pure Storage deduplication and compression work great on all kinds of applications, but VDI is one of the best. With >10-to-1 data reduction, Pure Storage can make all-flash VDI cheaper than disk or hybrid disk/flash solutions, without the performance compromise of adding disk to your deployment.

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VDI Part 1 - Storage Challenges of Next Generation VDI

Persistent Desktops? Linked Clones?

VDI diagram

Many storage array architectures rely on linked clones to make VDI economical, but a persistent desktop world is becoming increasingly common. Mix and match persistent desktops and linked clones on Pure Storage – they both reduce to similar space consumption.

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VDI Part 2 - Pure Storage Reference Architecture for VDI

Pure Storage keeps you productive throughout the VDI day.

VDI Diagram

What is VDI? What is the biggest challenge it presents to storage? It's the variable and spikey nature of IO throughout the day.

Typical use is write-heavy (often 80/20), but boot storms and anti-virus scans introduce huge read spikes. Overnight maintenance tasks (patches, recomposes) introduce even more heavy write bursts. You need storage that keeps up with it all without sacrificing end-user experience the way a caching solution can. What’s your plan for meeting the performance demands of your growing VDI environment?

Scale virtual desktops from pilot to full-scale production in one architecture:




POC → Production
Expand and Scale
Productivity Users
100's - 2,500
2,500 - 3,500
Task Workers
100's - 3,000
3,000 - 4,000
Raw Capacity
5 - 40 TBs
30 - 88 TBs
Usable VDI Capacity*
15 - 120 TBs in 3U
Up to 250 TBs in 7U
# of UCS Chassis
1 - 4
4 - 8

* Assuming 10X data reduction (Virus scanning & Constant patching)

Many VDI pilots go great – until it is time to scale-up the deployment and move into production.

That’s where too often deployments hit the IO wall – exceeding the IO capabilities of traditional disk storage and requiring expensive additional storage purchases which blow the VDI ROI case. Pure Storage scales seamlessly from pilot to 1,000s of users, all with non-disruptive incremental capacity and resiliency expansion.

Dramatically simpler than the other guys.

Say Goodbye To Complexity

VDI Diagram

Say Hello to FlashArray//m

VDI Diagram

Most desktop admins don't dream of being storage admins – and that's the problem with traditional storage vendor VDI architectures, they require a deep knowledge of storage array configuration and tuning. SSDs, fast disks, slow disks, auto-tiering, pooling, spares… it's just too complicated. Pure Storage is refreshingly simple – plug it in and in 15 minutes you'll have the fastest VDI storage available – with zero tuning or configuration required. You can even share the all-flash storage across workloads – no need to invest in a dedicated VDI storage island that can't be leveraged for other applications.

FlashRecover Snapshots Accelerated VM Cloning

Lightning-fast, pre-deduped VM cloning for VDI and Dev/Test.

VM clones in 2 seconds each

Since clones are created in metadata, virtually no IO is required on the backend. This means faster clones builds.

Zero space consumption

Clones are created pre-deduped as a metadata-only operation. Cloning creates virtually no back-end IOs on the array

Powered by FlashRecover Snapshots and xCopy

Accelerated VM cloning leverages the FlashRecover Snapshot technology, coupled with VMware vSphere VAAI xCopy API.

Managed/Driven by vSphere

Unlike other rapid cloning tools, there is no need to re-import, rename, or modify clones since the process is driven by vSphere.

VDI Diagram

Administer 10x Faster.

With VDI deployments, the typical admin spends hours of their day doing basic VDI maintenance tasks (deploying new desktops, moving desktops to balance the virtual desktop infrastructure, re-composing images, and doing patching and maintenance work).

Pure Storage not only makes the end-user VDI experience faster, but it makes the VDI administrator experience faster. How much more productive would you be if every VDI admin task completed in 5x – 10x less time?

VDI Diagram

VMware or Citrix on vSphere, Xen, or Hyper-V:
You Choose

Today's VDI architects have options, both at the hypervisor and virtual desktop layers. Pure Storage's goal is simple: we want to accelerate whatever you choose. We've worked closely with VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft to ensure an always-fast, always-supported experience - regardless of platform. Pure Storage successfully completed the VMware View v5.0 Rapid Desktop Program's rigorous performance benchmark, which is detailed in our Reference Architecture.

VDI Diagram