Pure//Accelerate 2016


Listen to extraordinary leaders from the worlds of business, technology, and even extreme sports as they discuss the art of the possible in this fast, exciting format.

At Pure//Accelerate the Pure Storage community comes together to share their knowledge, experience, successes, and challenges. You are a significant part of the event – we need your help to focus Pure//Accelerate on real world IT and business outcomes. This is a conference about engagement, everyone is in the conversation.


Want to submit for a session?

These sessions at Pure//Accelerate are short, impactful, and allow significant time for questions and feedback. The format is modeled after TED talks – a few slides, a brief presentation, and then questions and discussion. The goal isn’t to lecture, but to share and discuss how we all address the challenges of IT. Each presentation will be between 10 and 15 minutes in length. If your session is accepted, we'll pick up your ticket to attend the event.

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