Reliable Access To Education Data Provides Insights on Performance


Minnesota Department of Education processes large amounts of data to provide the state with numerous reports and insights on educational issues. It relies on Pure Storage® to make that data available 24x7 to keep departmental employees productive and citizens informed of key performance indicators.


  • Legacy storage system was at the end of its maintenance life and out of capacity.
  • Some critical batch processing jobs took entire weekends to complete.

Use Case:

Business Transformation:

Fast, reliable access to data makes department employees more efficient and ensures that widely used reports are released on schedule.

IT Transformation:

  • Processing time for key jobs cut by 75%.
  • Performance improvement of 4-8x on database queries.
  • Storage-related trouble tickets dropped to zero.

“With Pure Storage, our staff has changed their opinion of what support from a vendor should look like.”

Matthew Porett, Chief Business Technology Officer, Minnesota Department of Education

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