FlashBlade Datasheet

Pure Storage FlashBlade Data Sheet

Experience scale-out storage for modern data.


  • Performance that scales with data
  • Always fast, from small to large files
  • Massively parallel architecture from software to flash


  • Petabytes of capacity
  • Elastic concurrency, up to tens of thousands of clients
  • Tens of billions of objects and files


  • Pure Evergreen™ means you don’t have to re-buy terabytes you already own
  • “Tuned for Everything” design eliminates the need for manual optimisations
  • Scale-out everything instantly simply by
    adding blades

Data is your organisation’s most valuable asset, but slow and complex legacy storage systems often make it hard to put it to use. Pure Storage® FlashBlade® is the industry's most advanced file and object storage platform ever. It’s a platform built to consolidate data silos so you can accelerate discoveries and insights.

There are two types of storage systems: one optimised to store data, the other optimised to deliver it. One is engineered with legacy technologies, like spinning disk or retrofit software. The other is modern, architected from the ground up to be massively parallel, thus eliminating serial bottlenecks. This modern storage is FlashBlade® from Pure Storage.

From artificial intelligence to analytics, data is at the centre of today’s innovation. Legacy infrastructures often prevent data from moving at the speed of your business. FlashBlade is the industry’s most advanced scale-out storage, architected to accelerate modern workloads and simplify infrastructure.

Powered by Industry Firsts

  • Blade: Compute and network are integrated with Pure DirectFlash™. Hot-plug blades into the system to add capacity and performance.
  • Purity//FB: FlashBlade’s heart is architected on a massively distributed key-value pair database for limitless scale and performance with simplicity.
  • Elastic Fabric: Powered by an innovative converged fabric, FlashBlade delivers up to 1.5Tb/s aggregate bandwidth with 75 blades.

Test Drive FlashBlade

Experience a self-service instance of Pure1® to manage Pure FlashBlade™, the industry's most advanced solution delivering native scale-out file and object storage.


Purity operating software is the soul of FlashBlade. It's built on a massively distributed key-value pair database, enabling FlashBlade to scale tremendously in capacity and performance. Purity//FB provides native support for both file and object protocols to deliver high throughput for file and object storage on a single platform. Engineered from the ground-up for flash, Purity//FB with its variable block metadata engine and scale-out metadata architecture is capable of handling billions of files and objects while delivering unprecendented performance for any workload, small to large files, sequential to random access. The new Purity//FB 3 now enables cloud-integration with FlashBlade Object Replication and disaster recovery with FlashBlade File Replication.

Figrure 1. Pillars of innovation with Purity//FB

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“Pure Storage FlashBlade is about 10 times faster out of the box, with no specific tuning  or effort. It enabled us to boost our GPU from about 20% average utilization to close to 100% utilization.”

Jeremy Barnes, Chief Architect
Element AI

Accelerate AI data pipeline while keeping GPUs fully utilized

Restore data rapidly to meet SLAs for disaster recovery

Shorten design cycles in EDA by eliminating data bottlenecks

Consolidate data warehouses and data lakes for simplicity and real-time performance

Meet ever-growing demands of modern DevOps environments

Unleash data-intensive simulations from genomics and finance workloads

Replace Legacy Racks with FlashBlade

Some storage alternatives claim to be performant but are complex to deploy. Others promise large capacity but deliver data slowly. FlashBlade is the first scale-out storage solution to intersect on all three dimensions of big, fast, and simple. FlashBlade delivers unprecedented performance in a small form factor. It is tuned to deliver multi-dimensional performance for any data size, structure, or access, delivering 10x or greater savings in power, space, and cooling costs.


  • Start with 7 blades and simply add blades to scale up to 150 Blades1
  • Each blade adds capacity and performance


  • Up to 15GB/s bandwidth with 15 blades in a single chassis2
  • Up to 24M NFS IOPS in a single cluster with 150 blades


  • 8x 40Gb/s or 32x 10Gb/s Ethernet ports / chassis
  • 2x FlashBlade External Fabric Modules (XFM) to scale up to 150 blades1


  • 4U per chassis
  • 1,800 watts per chassis (nominal at full configuration)

1. Orders for systems with more than 75 blades are currently subject to 'Directed Availability', requiring Engineering pre-approval.
2. Large block read IO with 3:1 compression. This is not a guarantee as customers may achieve different compression ratios based on their workloads.

PS1083-03 04/2020

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