FlashArray//m offers the simplest and most-efficient scaling approach: start small and scale capacity, performance, connectivity or density – online and independently – as your needs grow. Built to last generations, the FlashArray//m chassis is wired for performance with dual PCIe/NVMe and 12Gb/s SAS fabrics, and is PCIe Gen4 ready. You’ll be able to add performance or capacity for a decade or more.

Performance That Grows With You

Scale FlashArray//M performance now and into the future by adding NVMe controllers as they become available, and with no disruptions. Built on an x86 architecture, our next-generation controllers keep pace with CPUs as they advance according to Moore’s Law. That means your expandability options keep up with you as you grow. And with Evergreen storage ownership program, you get a new controller every three years, free with your maintenance renewal.

Start Small, Scale Capacity Independently

Scale capacity without adding expensive controllers. Flash Modules deliver capacity and density inside the chassis while Expansion Shelves expand //m outside the box. Flash Modules are dual-density, delivering two times capacity and performance per slot. Both Flash Modules and Expansion Shelves are hot-pluggable. Mix and match to accommodate any deployment.


FlashArray//M NV-RAM modules enable advanced data services. They're dual-ported, hot-pluggable NVMe – an industry first when they shipped in 2015. Now, with more than 10,000 in use, they've helped deliver 99.9999% availability for //M in its first year of shipments.

Optimised for Mixed IO Connectivity

FlashArray//m controllers offer on-board I/O Modules with 12Gb/s SAS ports, 10Gb/s Ethernet ports for iSCSI or replication, and 1Gb/s Ethernet ports for management. With up to 3 slots per controller, you can mix-and-match configurable I/O Modules of 8/16Gb/s FC or 10Gb/s Ethernet iSCSI to increase connectivity.

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"We needed a solution that could deliver consistent and reliable performance."
David Clarke, VP of Technology
"The fact we can do an upgrade with no downtime in a production setting – that’s phenomenal."
Chris Dean, Director
Judson ISD
"For the first time, we’re excited about storage."
Jason Strom, IT Manager
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