The Future of Data Starts Now

FlashBlade enables new data-driven innovations and experiences that weren’t possible in the era of disk – at a scale no other flash solution can even imagine. What will you build?

Big + Fast Cloud-Native Apps

Tomorrow’s cloud-native applications are being built with massive scale in mind. How do you deliver an immersive experience to 100s of millions of users, consistently, worldwide? Or high concurrency and parallelism across a massive distributed data set? And how do you incorporate a DevOps workflow from the start? Simple – you need a storage platform that is always flash-fast, and scales elastically just like your application.

Develop Fast

Native, DevOps-centric access to storage enables extreme programming.

Start Small, Scale Big On-Demand

Scale from a few containers to thousands without storage slowing your app.

Flatten Your Stack

Always-on, always-fast data eliminates stacked layers of caching and resiliency.

Ready for Any Future

Constant-rate low latency enables new applications not constrained by infrastructure.

Big + Fast Engineering

Today science and engineering are born digital. Whether you are using machine learning to teach a self-driving car, harnessing intelligence from millions of sensors around the globe, building a real-time global threat simulation, or just compiling the next killer feature – the speed of data is your bottleneck. Faster, bigger, richer data means faster innovation, and more productive developers.

Simulate Big

Scale simulations to 10,000s of compute nodes to finish over the lunch break.

Compile Fast

Compile an entire car in seconds to minutes vs. hours to days.

Test Fast

Run full synthetic testing against all code in real time – find bugs instantly.

Keep Forever

Keep test artifacts forever, enabling historical regression and impact analysis.

Big + Fast Analytics

Big data was supposed to power better intelligence and decisions. But too often big data has meant slow data, with batch analytic approaches compromising rich queries or real-time results. Now billions of connected devices and sensors promise to take that big to even bigger. What will store the massive data of tomorrow, while enabling fast and complex queries across its expanse?

Analyse Big, Fast

Bring fast beyond the limits of in-memory systems, enabling deeper insights.

Ad-Hoc, Iterative Queries

Make data science more productive, with richer questions and faster iterations.

Real-Time Decisions

Ingest data continuously and query in real-time – reacting instantly to the market, consumers, or suppliers.

Query Simultaneously

Enable many users to ask questions in parallel, serving a diverse user base from a single source.

Big + Fast Media

Today’s creative professional lives and breathes in an all-digital world. In the era of 4K/8K video and multi-device consumption, speeding the pipeline – creation to rendering to transcoding – is key to making the next blockbuster more profitable.

Render faster

Slash rendering time – allowing faster, more profitable productions and real-time review.

Transcode in real-time

Today broadcast media has to be ready for multiple formats and devices instantly.  Transcode live video streams instantly!

All FlashBlade specifications and features are preliminary and subject to change prior to the GA version release.

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