It’s Time for
Cloud-Era Flash

We’ve led the disruption of the storage industry with all-flash arrays over the last several years, and now we’re upending expectations once again with the next generation of all-flash storage. We call it Cloud-Era Flash.

The New Application Architecture

The cloud era has brought with it a new evolution of traditional application architectures. Instead of virtualised environments containing individual apps, or the vertical application stacks before them, today’s webscale applications are composed of many micro services, all working in concert to deliver the whole. These ever-changing applications demand dramatically more agility and dynamism from infrastructure and require fast data sharing, both
north-south and east-west.

Cloud Adds New Requirements

The new generation of application architectures, particularly webscale, require a lot more of storage: massive bandwidth for big data analytics in real time; microsecond latency for ultra-fast index lookups and user interaction; data sharing between many micro-services; infrastructure as code for direct composability; and dramatically greater consolidation of dynamically-varying workloads. Meanwhile, IT requires storage that can handle the new even while accelerating and improving existing virtualised and point applications.

Cloud Era Requires a New Approach

How to square the layered requirements of old and new application architectures? With five core design principles, which together define the next-generation of all-flash storage – a generation we call Cloud-Era Flash. And we’re delivering it today.

Simple & Open

Cloud-Era Flash is simple and open. It’s storage that’s always-on, always-fast, and always-secure, with comprehensive, enterprise-class data services. That means your data is available all the time, including during software and hardware upgrades. Cloud-Era Flash is self-managing and plug-n-play, and – via REST APIs – offers easy integration and automation with the things that matter. 

Big & Fast

Cloud-Era Flash has to scale to 10s of PBs, delivering microsecond latency and 10s of GBs of bandwidth across multiple protocols – block, file, object/HTTPS, VM, container. All resulting in massive consolidation potential of any application built with any architecture. Speed, size, and flexibility are no longer bottlenecks.

Flash Native

Cloud-Era Flash treats flash as flash – and sheds any remaining disk-era technologies, such as flash translation layers, SAS, SATA, and SCSI. It manages flash globally through software, and it’s flexible enough to accommodate future advances in storage-class memory technologies.

Fast Networks

A fast network is key. Internally, Cloud-Era Flash software communicates directly with flash media via superfast, massively-parallel, 100% PCIe/NVMe. On the front end, Cloud-Era Flash uses high-performance 100 GbE and/or NVMe/f, delivering virtually the equivalent of server-side flash speed for hosts and applications.

Elastic Scale

Cloud-Era Flash has to work for organisations of all sizes and at all stages of their application deployments. It can start small and scale big, expanding and contracting as needed to flexibly align and adapt resources to changing business needs.

Cloud-Era Flash is Here

We’ve put all the elements together. Equipped with Purity Operating Environment and DirectFlash, both FlashArray and FlashBlade are Cloud-Era Flash Arrays, available now.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

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2. Execute a POC

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3. Migrate to Pure

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