[Pure1] Plan

AI-Driven Planning and Forecasting

See Into the Future with Pure1

Your data centre environment isn’t static. Your business is growing and changing, and your infrastructure has to keep pace. But traditional ways of planning for growth just don’t work well. Spreadsheets, guesswork, and fortune telling have all been used over the years with very little success.

Based on years of development work, Pure1 Meta is a powerful AI engine designed to help fill the gap left by traditional tools. Pure1 Meta continuously learns from more than 100,000 workloads and 1 trillion data points. It powers the Pure1 Workload Planner, which provides three key capabilities for planning.

Application Deployment Training

Pure1 Meta provides the intelligence to show you how best to plan for new applications. It’s simple: Choose from 14 commonly deployed applications—like SAP HANA, Oracle, Epic, and more—or size for a custom application. Meta gives you the recommended deployment for typical, small, large, or custom sizes for that application, and shows exactly what you need to deploy it in your data centre. From there you can also use either of the other Workload Planning options.

Workload Simulation

This is the core engine of Workload Planner. Use it to take any workload running on your Pure storage appliances and simulate growth in multiple ways. For example, you can simulate:

  • Scaling a workload to see what it looks like if you have 2x growth for that database application
  • Cloning a workload to see what would happen if you had twice the VMs
  • Migrating a workload to another Pure appliance in your data centre or simulate adding a new appliance for that workload

Hardware Simulation

Simulate the hardware setup to evaluate the impact to performance and capacity. For example, you can compare what the results would be if you added to existing appliances or deployed a new appliance. 

All these capabilities provide projections of up to 12 months for both performance and capacity for the changes you’re evaluating. In short, they make planning for the future easy.

Full-Stack Analytics

Pure1 can help you plan for future applications and see the behavior of your storage over time. You can also use the data to visualize your data centers all the way down to a single virtual machine.

Thousands of organisations use VM Analytics in Pure1 to monitor, troubleshoot, and plan for expansion of their VMware infrastructure.

You can view all of your vCenters, any data centers you’ve defined, and any tiers in those data centers from a single VM Analytics screen. This gives you a quick overview of your Pure Storage appliances and their volumes, the connected hosts, all the way down to the vDisk or vVol behind each VM. You can see performance and capacity for all these elements, plus CPU, memory, and other key performance indicators for the hosts and VMs.

This creates a simple at-a-glance way to see whether a performance issue is affecting your VMware environment—and see exactly where the problem is.

Access lots of detail around capacity at the VM and datastore level. Look at used capacity in bytes or percentage. Most important, get the percentage of capacity churn so you can see how much your capacity on a VM has changed over a specific time period. 

Using this information, you can go back to the Workload Planner with rich detail on what you need to plan for growth or consolidation.

Proactive Support

Pure1 Meta doesn’t stop at helping you plan for the future. Use Pure1 Meta to make sure your Pure Storage appliances are healthy, up-to-date, and free from issues. Pure1 Meta tracks the health of all installed Pure Storage appliances and fingerprints known issues. Pure then proactively fixes over 70% of all known issues (It’s just one of the reasons Pure Support gets the industry’s highest NPS ratings).

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