What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a software-centric architecture approach with tightly coupled storage, networking, and compute integrated in commodity hardware offered by a single vendor.

Why Organisations Choose Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Organisations deploy hyperconverged infrastructure for their tier 2 workloads and like HCIs appliance-like model because it’s an easy start-up solution that allows them to start small and scale up as needed, enables them to collapse the compute and storage stack to consolidate workloads and lowers operational costs at the edge because IT experts are not needed to manage.

However, there are some performance trade-offs with HCI because of the loss of discrete compute and storage failure domains.  In addition, manageability at scale becomes an issue as you scale up your tier 2 workloads and add appliances.  One would argue that the infrastructure needed to run and manage a thousand VMs should classify that as a tier 1 workload and that it’s much easier to manage a few large items vs. thousands of small items.

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Convergence Without Compromise

At Pure Storage, we don’t believe in an “either” “or” construct when it comes to convergence.  Modern, all-flash converged infrastructure solutions are smarter, simpler, smaller – and more efficient than ever before. They’re virtual machine-aware and hybrid cloud-ready, while retaining the predictability and efficiency advantages of dedicated compute and storage tiers.  Pure’s FlashStack Converged Infrastructure (CI) Solution is a holistic alternative to disk-based CI and HCI offerings. FlashStack is delivered in partnership with Cisco and VMware, providing best of breed components that have been tested under many different scenarios.  It scales, without disruption, as your business grows and provides a powerful and reliable platform for your cloud.

Advantages of FlashStack:  

  • Simple no trade-off architecture eliminates disparate hardware silos
  • Proven, validated inter-operability and for confident application deployment
  • Infrastructure for both traditional and converged operating models so you can consolidate operations at your pace
  • Converged infrastructure for multi-hypervisor, bare metal or container deployments
  • Built for the cloud, including full integration with cloud platforms from Cisco, VMware, OpenStack and others

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