5 Key Challenges You Must Solve With Your Next Backup Platform

A Gartner Research Report

Analyst Report

(10 min read)

Things fall apart. So disaster recovery and business continuity experts know the latest insights about data protection best practices are critical to the business.

Per Gartner, see how these 5 challenges are affecting your business:

  • Coping with ever-increasing volumes and value of data produced by the digital business
  • Protecting data and dealing with new application types, regardless of location – whether it's in the data center, at the edge, in the cloud, or at a SaaS provider
  • Finding effective ways to reduce costs and accelerate recovery times
  • Ensuring the backup remains a secure last line of defense to protect against threats from ransomware
  • Continuing to protect legacy platforms and maintain access to backup data with multiyear retention requirements

Further, we believe you will find out what you can do now about these challenges.

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