Define Your Hybrid Infrastructure Needs: A segmented View of Hybrid Infrastructure Usage and Requirements

Analyst Report

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A hybrid infrastructure between public and private clouds is the result of the increasing adoption of public clouds within IT organisations. While hybrid infrastructures are becoming more common among IT enterprise environments, it is important to understand hybrid clouds and their usage, needs, and various types.

Terms like “hybrid cloud,” “hybrid IT,” and “hybrid infrastructure” have been used extensively in the enterprise IT market over the past five years, but these terms do not refer to a homogenous set of functionalities or underlying needs.

Nearly 80 % of of enterprises have either implemented or are planning to implement a hybrid infrastructure. All enterprises will need a better understanding of the hybrid infrastructure and their needs to evolve them overtime. Learn the needs for a hybrid infrastructure, along with the usage and requirements.


Use this report to:

  • Understand the situation for enterprises actively using or planning for a hybrid infrastructure environment
  • Learn the six types of hybrid infrastructure usage
  • Discover the hybrid infrastructure integration requirements
  • Get advice for purchasing a hybrid infrastructure

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