Scale Out File Services Design Guide with Windows Server 2016

This document describes a Pure Storage reference architecture for deploying a highly-available and scale-out Microsoft® File Server solution with Microsoft Windows® Storage Server 2016. It showcases the ease of deploying a scalable file services environment with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 native Server Message Block (SMB) that is efficient, effortless and Evergreen.

Scale-Out File Services is a capability that is designed to provide highly-available scale-out file shares that are continuously available for file-based storage such as home directories and SMB shares. The design in this paper is for customers seeking to implement a green-field deployment or to move/migrate from an existing Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution to a Pure Storage® FlashArray solution with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016. 

Guidance is provided on Windows Storage Server 2016 components with Pure Storage for hosting SAN and SMB shares for end users.

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