Deliver Next-Gen Analytics

Data is the most valuable asset in modern enterprises, and data analytics is the key to unlocking critical insights for your organisation. Pure Storage drives next-gen analytics infrastructure from a single all-flash platform.

Share Data Everywhere

Your data is locked up in silos, warehouses, and lakes. Pure's modern data experience dramatically simplifies the complexities of siloed analytics infrastructure by consolidating and accelerating your data. 

Consolidate Your Data Pipeline

Move from 10s of data silos to a single, all-flash data pipeline, powering every analytics tool from ingest to visualization. Store data once, and power broader analytics to prepare for tomorrow’s big data problems.

Turn Your Data Lake into a Data-Centric Cloud

Analytics doesn’t have to be slow and complex. Modernise your legacy Hadoop cluster with all-flash cloud, built to deliver interactive queries and real-time results for the tools of your choice, from Map Reduce and Spark to AI frameworks.


Upgrade and Extend Your Data Warehouse

Modernise your data warehouse with new levels of all-flash performance and rich data sets served by batch and real time data pipelines – from a single, integrated data platform.

It's Time to Unify Your Data – All of It

Leave data silos behind. Data hub is a single, unified platform that enables you to consolidate your data and accelerate your data-intensive apps with all-flash power.

Jumpstart Your AI Initiative

Data is the fuel powering the AI revolution. Give your organisation the proper data infrastructure to tap the power of AI and machine learning. Eliminate bottlenecks, keep GPUs busy, and maximise your data team’s productivity with an all-flash, modern data experience. 

Industry’s First Scale-Out Storage Purpose-Built for Modern Analytics

Unstructured data is unpredictable – ranging from small and random to large and sequential. FlashBlade is tuned for everything. With its massively parallel architecture, from software to hardware, FlashBlade delivers multi-dimensional performance for any data, and for 10s of thousands of clients. This is it: true scale-out storage.

Purpose-Built Storage for Artificial Intelligence Solutions
“Our researchers have found that FlashBlade can greatly improve the usability and performance of Spark for performing multiple simulations. We have seen as much as 10-20x improvement in throughput for Spark workloads, which really has the potential to be a game-changer for us when it comes to creating a time-to-market advantage.”
Gary Collier, Co-CTO

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