The Smarter AI Solution

Big data is at the center of the AI revolution. As deep learning and GPU processors replace legacy approaches, your data demands a next-gen storage solution that can drive time-to-insight.

Accelerate Time to Insight, Seamlessly

In a data-rich world, shared data is infinitely more valuable than stored data. Pure accelerates modern analytics and AI workloads, delivering a single, scale-out storage platform that drives time to insight for data-driven businesses.

Converged Infrastructure for AI

  • FlashStack™ for end-to-end AI platform
  • Flexible compute and storage
  • Validated designs with Cisco

AI Infrastructure

  • Quick setup with AIRI
  • Accelerate data pipelines
  • Multi-node, out-of the-box deep learning

File and Object Storage

  • Massively parallel for AI
  • Consolidate silos and share data
  • Ultra-fast, all-flash latency
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FlashBlade provides the scalability and performance needed for a machine learning project of this magnitude. With its ability to scale linearly, FlashBlade will allow Zenuity to expand its machine learning platform with computational power for future needs.

Samuel Scheidegger, Machine Learning Researcher

Speed Time to Insight

AI is transforming business everywhere. But data doesn’t analyse itself and legacy systems often can’t support the massive AI data pipelines required for modern analytics. Pure brings a massively parallel platform capable of delivering ultra-fast, all-flash performance to billions of objects and files.

Reduce SAP Hana costs

Simplify AI Operations

Data is stuck in 20th century infrastructure and sprawling silos. It’s also the lifeblood of AI. From data capture to neural network training, Pure is built from the ground up to deliver a single, scale-out storage platform that consolidates AI workloads.

Simplify your AI infrastructure

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2. Take a Test Drive

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3. Migrate to Pure

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