Oracle Copy is Now Simple, Easy

Reduce Oracle database copy time by up to 90% with Pure Storage’s unique Copy Automation Tool (CAT), included for no additional charge with every FlashArray.

Rapid and Easy Oracle Cloning

Are you tired of complicated, manual, and resource-intensive Oracle copy/clone activities? Enter the Oracle Copy Automation Tool -- integrated into every Pure FlashArray and designed to help you quickly copy, clone and refresh Oracle databases without added costs or subscriptions.

Drive Faster Innovation for Oracle

Experience agility and simplicity for Oracle Database development with Pure’s Oracle Copy Automation Tool (CAT).

Complete Integration

Eliminate complexity from Oracle database development with a comprehensive solution for copy, clone and refresh that is included with every Pure Storage FlashArray//X. Clone instantly from command line interface or directly from Oracle Enterprise Manager without any separate licence, maintenance or support costs.

No Impact to Production Databases

Rapidly deliver frequent Oracle Database copies and clones without impacting the performance of production databases.  Oracle CAT enables you to customize and automate existing workflows and give database developers what they need, when they need it - without slowing down your business.

Save and Simplify

Avoid the extra cost and hassle of managing manual processes or 3rd party tools and benefit from a simple and efficient solution integrated directly into the Purity//Run software environment.

Watch CAT for Oracle in Action

Perform core database copy and clone activities with just a few clicks, and near instantaneous results. CAT for Oracle dramatically streamlines your database operations. See how it works.

Try Oracle Cat Today

Where traditional database copy tools can be complex and a drag on primary database processing tasks, CAT for Oracle makes copy, clone, and refresh tasks simple and fast. Explore how to implement Oracle CAT and check out Pure’s integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager provided by our strategic partner VLSS.

Powered by Purity//Run

CAT for Oracle is built right into FlashArray’s container platform, Purity//Run – so it’s available right out-of-the-box. Nothing to install, no impact on your database performance, and no additional licence required.

Learn How Oracle CAT is Powered by Purity

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