Unleash Your Modern Data Analytics

Accelerate big data into big intelligence.

Turn Big Data into Big Business

Nearly half of business executives believe disruptive change is coming, fueled by AI and data analytics. Getting ahead of the innovation curve can result in tremendous market advantage for your organisation. Learn how to start harnessing the power of modern analytics.



Big Data Analytics

Modern, real-time applications are pushing the limits of data. While DAS architecture was appropriate for the old era, modern data requires a dynamic data hub built with cloud-like agility and real-time performance.

AI / Deep Learning

AI is powered by massively parallel technologies, like deep learning and GPUs. Legacy storage systems were built on decades-old building blocks, designed in the serial era. Modern storage needs to be architected from the ground-up to be massively parallel for AI.

Log Analytics

Focus on delivering insights and value for your business, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.  With FlashStack converged infrastructure for Splunk, you can gain insights from your log or machine data fast.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is no longer static, predictable data. In the modern era of analytics, infrastructure must be architected for the unknown, delivering real-time insight for unstructured data.

AI / Deep Learning

Every industry benefits from greater intelligence. The ability to transform data into intelligence is the new currency. Enterprises need a modern data platform purpose-built for machine learning to accelerate AI into reality.  

Log Analytics

Gain real-time insights derived from massive amounts of machine generated data.  With the right IT systems and technology infrastructure, it can help your organisation act on real-time events, improve service levels and deliver superior business results.

On-Demand Webinar: Get Agile Data Science with Flash Storage

Accelerate data scientist time to output by leveraging Spark and Hadoop for scalability and high performance.

Leading genomics research team achieved performance improvements of 3x using Spark with FlashBlade

World’s largest public hedge fund experienced 10x faster Spark workloads, boosting time to market