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Answer the exceptional demands of data storage for media and entertainment workflows with Pure's modern data experience.


Accelerate Transcoding

Pure Storage provides a reliable, high-density, high-performance data platform for encoding and transcoding media of all types, for all uses. Bandwidth limitations and storage delays disappear as you deliver more media, in more formats, in less time.

Accelerate Encoding and Transcoding with Pure Storage

Faster Render Workflows

Render workflows result in massive concurrent requests to multiple shared storage devices. FlashBlade is built to supply the IOPS, bandwidth, and concurrency you need to support the extreme demands of your render system at scale – and to do it all within one box.

FlashBlade Renders Media Workflows Faster

Virtualise Your Workstations

Deploying graphics-accelerated virtual workstations for media and entertainment is a powerful way to increase staff productivity while reducing costs associated with workstation resources. Pure Storage solutions enable graphics resources that are on-demand, highly available, and secure.

Accelerated Virtual Workstations for Media and Entertainment

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