With comprehensive integrations, policy-based automation and orchestration, and certified blueprints, Pure Storage solutions power your journey to an all-flash VMware private cloud.

Make it Effortless

The VMware vRealize Suite provides the foundation for a robust private cloud platform. Pure Storage delivers a comprehensive series of vRealize integration points to make building your cloud easy and fast. Then enjoy intelligent, automated operations for your all-flash data platform – from within vRealize.

Your Private Cloud Blueprints are Certified

Pure Storage is a VMware Validated Design (VVD) Certified Partner Architecture for the Software-Defined Data Center. With an architecture that’s pre-tested and pre-validated by VMware and Pure Storage, you can confidently build your all-flash private cloud and accelerate time to value.

“We’re excited to have Pure Storage in VMware’s Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture program. Together we can enable our joint customers to modernize with a software-defined data center that’s powered by an all-flash data platform.”

– John Gilmartin, VP & General Manager, Integrated Systems Business Unit


Pure Storage offers deep integration with VMware Virtual Volumes – so you can streamline IT operations, enable deeper automation, and gain finer control of your VMs vis a vis all Purity data services.

“I think of Pure Storage as the iPhone of storage, in the sense that installation is almost plug-and-play.”
Mathieu Dottin, Technical Director
“Everybody is happy. Migration was quick and painless, performance is very high and management is easy.”
Luca Paleari, CIO
“You know it’s an amazing product when you install it and forget it’s even there.”
Tony Lawrence, Information Security Officer
Catholic Church Insurance

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