Evergreen™ Storage.

Introducing enterprise flash storage that’s always just right, for 10 years or more. The newly expanded Evergreen Storage is a perfect fit at every stage of the ownership lifecycle.


Never re-buy a TB you already own. Evergreen Storage behaves like SaaS and the cloud. You can deploy it once and keep expanding and improving it for 10 years or more, all without any downtime, performance impact, or data migrations.


We guarantee you effective capacity, risk free and in writing, for six months.* Get Pure’s 2X better data reduction and efficient, cost-effective storage without any risk of undersizing related to thin provisioning.


Manage capacity growth. Consolidate the data on your older external shelves into new, denser capacity either in another external shelf or in the FlashArray chassis. Return your old storage shelves and receive a credit for the TBs you already own.**


SAVE 33%

With Pure, you’ll just pay one, simple flat maintenance renewal – and get modernised performance, scale, and features. The net result is a 33% CAPEX/OPEX savings over the competition. The TCO only gets better from there.


Pure ES2 Storage on Demand

True OPEX.
Private Cloud.

Evergreen™ Storage Service (ES2) from Pure Storage is a 100% OPEX, pay-per-use* private cloud service that delivers the agility and flexibility of a utility coupled with the resiliency, security, performance, and cost-effectiveness of Tier 1 all-flash on-prem infrastructure. 

* Subject to minimum commitment


Learn how Evergreen Storage can be tailor-made for your organisation.

* Right-Size Guarantee is a written signed guarantee, specific to the customer’s workloads.
** Subject to Program Terms. Pricing for upgrade bundles available upon request.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

Start now by connecting with our experts to assess your storage needs.

2. Execute a POC

Work with our team on a Proof of Concept to demonstrate our fit.

3. Migrate to Pure

Partner with the right team to start driving down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).