Here’s How We Optimise Production

Effortless acceleration and consolidation for all workloads, comprehensive data protection, and ready for multi-cloud environments – that’s Pure.

Pure Optimises Everything

See how we’ve engineered efficiency into your Data-Centric Architecture.

Accelerate, Consolidate, Automate

Pure brings the next-gen power of shared accelerated storage to your Data-Centric Architecture.

Accelerate Mission-critical Apps

100% NVMe DirectFlash™ enables full performance for Tier 1 apps like SQL, Oracle, and SAP,  while making NVMe affordable for all workloads.

Learn now to Eliminate Storage Bottlenecks for Advanced Apps & High Performance Computing

Consolidate on All-Flash

Optimise infrastructure with DirectFlash-enabled density. Put all your business workloads on flash – Pure’s data reduction, QoS, and 6-9s mean safe and cost-effective consolidation. Save not just racks, but rows of data center space.

The primary flash array market is evolving to handle cloud scale and agility.

Automate Your Cloud

Out-of-the box, complete automation with VMware, Microsoft, and Open Source clouds, plus open APIs for integration with everything – including the latest container-based platforms.

Integrating Flash into the cloud

Enable Rapid Restore

Backup and recover on all-flash to meet service levels and eliminate SLA penalties. Recover up to 10X faster while eliminating 30-50% of your backup infrastructure.

Build Your Multi-Cloud

Own your data and rent the cloud. Enable hybrid and multi-cloud workloads and protection workflows. Portable snapshots mean you can have your data where you want it, when you want it.

Make Enterprise Business
Continuity Effortless

Run seamlessly between two datacenters with RPO & RTO zero, even across metro regions. Add an async 3rd site for global DR protection. With Pure, business continuity is built-in to your Data-Centric Architecture.

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