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Stephen Botte

Senior Manager, Executive Programs

Stephen Botte was drawn to Pure for its coveted tech trifecta: great people, great products, and great customers. And as a gay father of an adopted child, he felt a noticeable difference being at a company where he didn’t have to edit out parts of his personal story.

"I want people to feel accepted and celebrated. I have no time to hide who I am, and at Pure, I don’t have to."

Why did you join Pure, and what’s your role on the larger team?

Stephen: Before joining, I’d never heard of Pure. But when I came in for my first round of interviews, the culture was really attractive to me. I could tell how much people liked each other. They were clearly happy and having fun. That’s when I went from “What is Pure?” to “How do I work there?”

I’d been in IT marketing for 30 years and worked with bigger players like Apple, Oracle, HP, and Cisco. I even worked with Steve Jobs for several years at NeXT Computer—it was such a good education. I currently manage Pure’s executive engagement program, which is one of the ways we connect with leaders at companies we work with or would like to work with.

What sets Pure apart from other places you’ve worked?

Stephen: This is the first place I’ve been where all cylinders are firing at once. We have great people, who fuel a great product, which gets us great customers. That’s incredibly rare. In my role, it’s especially nice that our leaders have no ego and are such a pleasure to work with. They rely on the team to excel and they treat us like peers.

Tell us about the opportunities for career growth at Pure.

Stephen: You have an incredible amount of latitude to steer your career. No one’s looking over your shoulder. Because we have so many opportunities to take ownership, it’s your responsibility to keep your role fresh—whether you’re building the skills you have or learning something new. It’s a big part of how I’ve been able to grow here.

How have you had an impact at Pure?

Stephen: I’m really proud of having a part in kicking off Pure Equality, our diversity and inclusion program. Soon after I joined, five of us proposed the initiative, got it approved and funded, and recruited a head of diversity. We have groups for underrepresented populations like women and veterans, and affinity groups based on interests like sustainability and faith.

We have a tremendous amount of diversity at Pure, so I’m most excited about inclusion. I want people to feel accepted and celebrated. I have no time to hide who I am, and at Pure, I don’t have to. There’s no pausing to think, “Who’s my audience right now?” I am 100% comfortable as a cisgender male who identifies as gay, and as a single parent of a multiracial child who is adopted. Because I can bring my whole self to work, I’m able to give 110%.

What are you most excited about right now?

Stephen: I’m working on a new partnership with Pure Good, our nonprofit foundation. Each employee resource group is aligned with a nonprofit, so Pure Good’s work goes hand-in-hand with Pure Equality. I love that our employee groups are chartered to build internal community as well as support the broader community.

I’m also tackling a massive project in my marketing role right now, running the executive track at our annual user conference, Pure//Accelerate. It’s scary but exciting. I feel completely confident that we’ll do it—and do it well.

At Pure, we like to say our people “run toward a challenge.” What are you running toward?

Stephen: There are new challenges every day when the company is growing at 30% to 40%. We constantly evolve. It can be hard to let go of what worked for us years ago, but we are a different organization today, and we’re in a different place. You don’t want to ignore the past, but you have to embrace the future.

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