Red Hawk Casino is a Big Winner with Pure Storage FlashArray and Evergreen Storage

Business Transformation

  • With its high-performance, Evergreen Storage platform, the casino can guarantee its guests unimpeded access to all services and benefits for years to come. IT staff productivity has increased, enabling them to implement new business initiatives without delay. In addition, the company saved nearly $1 million in operating costs over five years.

IT Transformation

  • Storage-related power costs have been reduced by 87%.
  • Reports can be run and maintenance performed without disrupting casino operations.
  • Response times for database queries have been slashed from 30-60 ms to <1 ms.
  • Evergreen Storage model guarantees the ability to accommodate future growth without forklift upgrades or hidden costs.
  • Total savings in operating costs over five years estimated at $986,720.
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“With FlashArray, we’ll never have to re-buy another storage unit again.”
Matthew Morgan, Vice President of Information Technology