Evergreen Storage Subscription Data Sheet

Get a subscription to innovation and IT agility.

Improve and Expand

Improve and expand your storage for 10 or more years. Get credit for TBs you already own when expanding and consolidating.

Gain IT Agility

Transform storage from a problem to a solution, and upgrade whenever your organization needs to.

Improve Your Numbers

Achieve 30% to 60% lower total cost of ownerships. Get 2x better data reduction with no risk.

Experience Customer Satisfaction

See why Evergreen’s customer satisfaction rating is five times the industry average.

Pure Storage® Evergreen™ Storage subscriptions deliver continuous improvements and innovations to keep your storage modernand agile. It just keeps getting better, without downtime. From acquiring to managing and upgrading storage, Evergreen subscriptions deliver value and peace of mind.

Industry-leading Customer Service and TCO Savings

Evergreen Storage enables storage that is deployed once and non-disruptively upgraded, as needed, for a decade or more, without the need to re-buy a TB or controllers you already own. Forget downtime, performance impact, or data migrations: We’ve engineered compatibility for future technologies directly into the product itself.

Streamlined Customer Experience

Evergreen Storage evolves with your changing requirements, non-disruptively and backed by a customer satisfaction rating that’s five times the industry average. Evergreen delivers unique capabilities, including:

  • Benefit from Pure’s unique and software-defined architecture, engineered to be modular, stateless, scalable, field-serviceable, and field-upgradable.
  • Upgrade components independently—and even mix and match—all online and non-disruptively, allowing youto regularly take advantage of industry innovation in CPU and flash.
  • Upgrade controllers to increase performance or maximum capacity.
  • Add or upgrade capacity for more scale and density to handle increasing data growth and unexpected demands on your IT infrastructure.
  • Upgrade software and connectivity to gain powerful new features.

Maximize Your TCO Savings

Evergreen Storage protects your storage investments with included upgrades, up to full-value trade-in credits, and an architecture that is almost effortless to manage and expand. Most customers will realize TCO savings of more than 30% compared to traditional storage just by avoiding one typical forklift upgrade.

Benefit at Every Lifecycle Stage

Evergreen Storage delivers value every step of the way, from acquiring storage to running it or upgrading and expanding.

Purchase with Confidence

  • Love Your Storage Guarantee: Evergreen Storage gives you the industry’s broadest storage purchase guarantee. If you aren’t happy, return the array within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Right-Size Guarantee1: Get 12 months’ guaranteed effective capacity, risk free and in writing. Get 2x total efficiency vs. the competition (10:1 on average). Extend your guarantee with any expansion purchase, up to the life of the array.
  • All Array Software Included: All our software features are not only all-inclusive at the time of purchase—you also get access to software features we introduce in the future with no added costs.

Keep Your Array Running

  • Evergreen Maintenance: You’re protected from any failures, including flash wear, by replacing failed components (even proactively before failure) with like or better ones as long as your Evergreen subscription is current.
  • Flat and Fair: We keep maintenance and support rates flat: They won’t go up in the future—and may even go down.
  • White Glove Support: Pure delivers a support experience for which other vendors charge a premium. Get peace of mind with predictive analytics and services, support-managed upgrades, mobile and SaaS-based monitoring, on-site break/fix, first-call access to L2 support, included education, and much more.

Scale with Evergreen Gold

  • Free Every Three2: Keep your array performance, scale, and features modern and non-disruptive, and without repurchases. Free Every Three includes upgraded controllers with each three-year Evergreen Gold renewal.
  • Upgrade Flex: Upgrade your array performance at any time as you expand. Purchase a qualifying capacity pack and get trade-in credit for your old controllers towards upgraded controllers.
  • Capacity Consolidation2: Manage capacity growth. Consolidate data from older flash into new, expanded, and denser capacity, either in anexternal shelf or in the FlashArray or FlashBlade chassis. Return old capacity and receive a credit for the TBs you already own.3

Evergreen Storage Overview

Evergreen Gold and Silver both deliver a subscription to our ever-improving capabilities across software, white-glove support, and maintenance. Gold adds a hardware subscription and the best economics for routine modernization.

Evergreen Storage  Features

Evergreen Gold

Evergreen Silver

Software Subscription

All-inclusive array software

Future array software features

HW and SW Maintenance Subscription

Flat and Fair Maintenance

Evergreen Maintenance

White-glove Support Subscription

Predictive analytics and services

Instant L2 support access

Sev 1 response SLA

15 minutes

15 minutes

Support-managed upgrades

On-site break/fix SLAs

4hr and NBD

4hr and NBD

Mobile/SaaS-based monitoring

Media and Controllers Subscription

Evergreen Architecture

(stateless, software-driven, modular)

Right Size* and 30-day guarantees

Upgrade Flex controllers**

Anytime full trade-in credit

Capacity Consolidation**

Anytime full trade-in credit
w/4x capacity

Free Every Three*

1Right-Size Guarantee available on FlashArray™//X.
2Requires purchase of qualifying capacity. Capacity Consolidation for FlashBlade™available under Evergreen Silver subscription.
3Subject to base program terms. Ask for a copy. Pricing for upgrade bundles available on request.

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