Managing Storage with Windows PowerShell


Learn about the growing demands of managing heterogeneous storage environments and how Windows PowerShell can help save you time. Whether your storage is located on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both, having a way to centrally manage everything is essential. That's where Windows PowerShell comes into play.

With PowerShell, administrators can automate volume management, create snapshots, mount volumes, monitor utilization and more. And Pure Storage’s new PowerShell Toolkit provides all of these capabilities using our Purity Operating Environment and REST APIs.

View this on-demand webinar and invest 45 minutes to learn why Windows PowerShell is such an important management tool and also see how the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit can be used with our FlashArrays to automate creating snapshots, volumes and more.

Plus, you'll hear how Charles Downing, an administrator at a large medical benefits company, is leveraging this technology to manage the company's storage environment using Windows PowerShell.