Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications


By virtualizing tier one applications organizations achieve high availability; a necessary feature for consistent reliability in an enterprise data center. But software features are simple not enough to achieve optimal performance. Unifying virtualized applications on Flash storage allows organizations to have all the benefits of an enterprise-ready solution. 

In this webinar Barb Goldworm, President & Chief Analyst of Focus and Ravi Venkat, Solutions Architect for Pure Storage team up to showcase why Virtualizing Tier One Applications on Flash is the optimal solution for the enterprise. 

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • The state of virtualization in today's enterprise - the drivers, impact and benefits
  • Virtualization of tier one workloads and the emergence of flash to optimize these workloads
  • The rise of All-Flash storage and how Pure Storage solves the problem of legacy storage

Join us for 30 minutes and see how virtualized applications on Flash is THE solution for your data center.