Business Continuity Under the Hood: ActiveCluster Demo

This webinar is for techies by techies. Join Michael Otey, President of TECA, Inc., and Don Kirouac, Pure Storage for a deep dive on Purity ActiveCluster. We will explore the features and functionalities that set ActiveCluster apart from all other business continuity solutions. What we will cover:

  • Synchronous Replication: Writes are synchronized between arrays and protected in non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) on both of the arrays before being acknowledged to the host.
  • Symmetric Active/Active: Read and write to the same volumes at either side of the mirror, with optional host-to-array site awareness.
  • Transparent Failover: Automatic Non-disruptive failover between synchronously replicating arrays and sites with automatic resynchronization and recovery.
  • No Bolt-ons & No Licenses: No additional hardware required, no software licenses required, upgrade the Purity Operating Environment and go active/active.
  • Integrated Pure1 Cloud Mediator: Automatically configured passive mediator that allows transparent failover and prevents split-brain, without the need to deploy and manage another component.
  • Live demo of ActiveCluster

Michael Otey

Senior Contributing Editor of ITPro Today & President of TECA Inc.

Don Kirouac

Technology Marketing Engineer, Pure Storage