Date: September 20 - 22, 2021
Location: Boston, MA
Type: Trade Show

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

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We're simplifying how the life sciences industry consumes and interacts with data. We start by asking: "What outcomes do you want to achieve?" It's a completely different approach from asking: "How much storage do you want?" or "Where do you want your data to reside?"

Healthcare data is complex, as is the storage technology where data lives. So, whether your desired outcome is genomic sequencing or accelerating drug discovery, we have the solutions and expertise to redefine your storage experiences. 

Join us at Bio-IT and learn why Pure Storage is your go-to partner for: 

  • Genomics: Enable faster insights with storage that accelerates analytics across workflows
  • Research Imaging: Support exponential data increases without limits
  • Drug Discovery: Get AI-driven modeling and cloud-like simplicity with high performance 
  • Ransomware: Safeguard intellectual property and patient data

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!


September 20-22, 2021


Sheraton Boston
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199

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