Date: July 25, 2019
Location: Avondale, LA
Type: Local Event

Event Starts In: 39 Days

Get behind the wheel of a supercar!


Speed and performance win. Whether you’re competing in digital markets or heating up a world-class racetrack. Join Pure Storage at the NOLA Motorsports Park to experience the heart-pounding excitement of world-class engineering at its best!

Don’t let outdated IT infrastructure deny the benefits of healthcare reform to your patients and your organization. With data-centric storage from Pure, you can enable efficient, high-performance workflows, clinical apps, analytics, and mobile tools while making EHRs instantly available wherever they’re needed.

After hearing how Pure can help you deliver better experiences for outstanding care and optimal outcomes,  you’ll climb into the racecar of your dreams — Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, you name it. Following a quick high-performance driving lesson, we’ll turn you loose on the track to live your best life.  It’s a day that’ll change the way you think about speed and storage — forever.

Register today! Limited spots available.

Event Details

NOLA Motorsports Park
11075 Nicolle Blvd
Avondale, LA 70094


11:00AM - 2:45PM

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