Data Driven Businesses Use Oracle and Pure

Organizations large and small are discovering that data has become a prime driver of revenue, one that’s now as valuable to their businesses as existing products and services. It’s time to capitalize on the value of that data – with Pure Storage all-flash solutions.

Get Maximum Value from Your Data

The Pure Storage Data Platform for Oracle delivers everything you need to power a modern data pipeline – from operations to warehousing to analytics – so you fully exploit the value of your Oracle data. Watch.

Power Oracle Analytics

Get real intelligence from your analytics faster with the Pure FlashBlade™ array, an all-flash solution uniquely powered to help solve the challenges of data warehousing, management, and analysis. Connecting directly to your Oracle® databases via dNFS, and with large pools of read and write bandwidth, FlashBlade is an ideal storage platform to accelerate your data warehouse and analytics solutions – and to keep you a step ahead of the competition.

OLTP: The Science of Simple

Your OLTP is mission-critical. Learn how to apply the Science of Simple to your Oracle transactional database in order to achieve new levels of protection, availability, and performance even as you drive innovation and growth.

“Our Oracle performance actually increased after moving to a virtualized deployment with Pure Storage.”
Bryan Bond, Sr. Systems Admin
“Data and data storage is the life blood of our business. So we changed our strategy to go to an all-flash data center.”
Alex Patent, VP Global Infrastructure
“The simplicity of the solution is brilliant.”
Matt Harris, Head of IT

Consolidate and Accelerate on FlashStack

The Pure FlashStack™ solution is modern, pre-integrated infrastructure from Cisco and Pure Storage for faster deployment and better performance of Oracle solutions. FlashStack reduces IT overhead and helps you drive massive consolidation of databases.

FlashStack for Oracle – Without Licensing Issues

Lower Oracle licensing costs, stay in compliance, and dramatically simplify license management with LicenseFortress from VLSS.


An all-flash, scalable Oracle data warehouse on FlashStack with FlashBlade delivers high-speed analysis of your data.


For Oracle Database 12c R1 RAC deployments, scalability, performance, manageability, and simplicity are key .

Oracle Data Protection

Database protection is one of the most important aspects of Oracle database administration. Pure Storage has a diverse portfolio of solutions partners to extend the native capabilities of the Data Platform in backup and recovery.

Intellisnap on Pure Storage for Oracle

IntelliSnap technology and Pure Storage FlashArray protect Oracle databases and deliver superior recovery point and time objectives.

Catalogic in-place copy data management

Create a full life-cycle automation and orchestration to protect your Oracle environment using Pure Storage snapshot and replication capabilities.

Hyper Converged Secondary Storage for Oracle

Consolidate your data across backup, test/dev, file services, and in-place analytics with Cohesity and Pure Storage. 

How Does Pure Accelerate your DB Performance?

As Chas Dye explains, it’s all about serving data when and where it’s needed, fast. To keep up with the speed of business in the coud era, only all-flash performance is going to cut it.

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