Law Firm Data Requires Business Continuity


Hanson Bridgett law firm is assured of freedom from costly interruptions in business operations by implementing the ActiveCluster feature of Pure Storage FlashArrays, the easiest and least costly route to business continuity.


Legacy storage was near end of life, but the vendor did not propose a replacement business-continuity solution.

Use Case:

Business Transformation:

Lawyers receive fast, reliable access to the files and applications they need to serve their clients, even in cases of power failures or other interruptions.

IT Transformation:

  • Quick and easy implementation of the ActiveCluster feature of Purity software from Pure Storage.
  • Backup time cut in half compared to previous solution.
  • High rates of data reduction cut data-center footprint and co-location costs.

“ActiveCluster is just awesome.”

Jay Easton, Network Manager, Hanson Bridgett