Future-proof Storage Infrastructure with FlashArrays


ALOM Technologies depends on the peak performance of its custom applications to execute hundreds of thousands of orders daily and deliver optimal service levels to its global client base. Legacy spinning-disk storage technology started imposing high CAPEX and OPEX costs while impacting its IT staff’s ability to efficiently develop, test and roll out vital new projects. With the introduction of FlashArrays from Pure Storage, ALOM’s VDI infrastructure and core applications run much faster, administration resources have been radically reduced and time-to-market cycles for new application development initiatives have been accelerated dramatically.


  • Management of legacy storage system demanded constant attention from lean IT staff
  • New IT projects required 3-5 weeks of storage readiness evaluation before they could be rolled out for production
  • More storage capacity had to be purchased every six months

Use Case:

Business Transformation:

  • Users throughout the company are beneficiaries of faster application performance and webfacing access times to improve organizational productivity

IT Transformation:

  • Multiple-database query time cut from 2 minutes to 8 seconds
  • Internal custom applications realize 2x performance gains
  • IT staff liberated from tedious storage management to pursue strategic new projects
  • Storage costs no longer a consideration in evaluating new project rollouts
For the money, I don’t think there is a better long-term all-flash array than Pure Storage.
Aaron Katske, Director of IT

3 einfache erste Schritte

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2. Proof of Concept durchführen

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3. Migration zu Pure

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