Join us at the 1st Annual





Join Pure Storage in the first annual Golf for Good Tournament to benefit [insert benefit here]. It's guaranteed to be a day of fun.


11:30 Registration starts

11:30 Warmups and Putting Contest

12:30 Introduction and Group Picture

1:00 Shotgun Start

~6:00 Dinner/Silient Auction after Round.


Orange Ball

On each hole one player will be playing the "orange ball". Teams rotate who plays the orange ball in the same order for the whole round. (i.e. Player 1 plays the orange ball on holes (1,5,9,13,17), Player 2 plays the orange ball on holes (2,6,10,14,18) and so on.

The player playing the orange ball plays alone on that hole and their score will be recorded separately on the scorecard. The other players will be playing in the scramble format

*No handicap is used to determine winner, more fun than competitive


Scramble Every player tees off. The team chooses the preferred ball location and then everyone hits their next shot. This continues until the ball is holed. You may play from within one club length of the preferred ball position, no closer to the hole, except on the green or in a hazard, where you must play from within six inches of the preferred ball and from like conditions. Each player's tee shot must be selected as the a Preferred Ball a least (3) times during the course of the round.​

*No handicap is used to determine winner, more fun than competitive

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

23600 McKean Rd, San Jose, CA 95141

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