FlashStack Strengthens Laser Spine Institute's Commitment to Exceptional Patient Care

Business Transformation

  • Clinicians were experiencing delays in accessing files for patients. The new solution gives them access to records and images without delay, freeing them to spend more quality time with patients. At the same time, the IT staff spends dramatically less time on storage management, freeing them to pursue innovative projects that benefit the entire organization.

IT Transformation

  • Time to open a patient record slashed by up to 95%.
  • All patient records, including X-rays and MRIs, delivered on highperformance flash storage.
  • Effortless storage management frees IT staff to focus on innovative ways to improve the patient experience.
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“I can’t overemphasize the ease of management with Pure Storage. My team no longer has to focus on IOPS; they can focus on adding value to the business and helping as many patients as possible.”
Chris Yinger, Senior Director of IT, Laser Spine Institute


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