Pure Storage FlashArray™ Architect Expert Certification


Pure Storage FlashArray Architect Expert

Exam ID: FAAE_001
Certification Offered: Pure Storage Certified Architect Expert - FlashArray

The Pure Storage FlashArray Architect Expert exam is targeted at Pure Storage customers, employees, and partners who integrate Pure Storage FlashArrays with third party applications, SAN, and IP network environments.
 This exam helps to validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful Pure Storage FlashArray System Engineers and Solution Architects at the Expert level.

Successful candidates are architecture professionals who have at least 5 years of storage industry experience and 2 years of Pure Storage FlashArray experience. Successful candidates have extensive knowledge in designing a properly configured FlashArray and its integration points to a variety of customer application environments.

Exam topics:

  • Scope and Stage
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Advanced Feature Design

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