On-Demand Webinar: Experts Round Table: Flash Mythbusters

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By now everyone already knows what flash storage is all about… or do they? From sales and marketing promises to the wild rumor mill, there are a lot of ideas about what flash storage can and can’t do. How are you, as an IT pro, expected to make decisions and plan out your architecture without knowing exactly what’s fact and what’s fiction? In a brand-new “Experts Round Table," Spiceworks has assembled a crack team of experts from EMC, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, and SolidFire, to discuss the "Top 10 Myths about Flash Storage" and determine whether they are confirmed, plausible... or busted!

In this video meetup we discuss:

  • How reliable flash storage is these days and whether you can trust it with critical data
  • Whether all-flash arrays can compete with hybrids on storage as well as performance
  • Flash pricing trends and whether costs are coming down as fast as they say
  • Whatever other questions and myths YOU want to bring to our panel of experts

Sam Marraccini-EMC
Devin Hamilton-Nimble Storage
Vaughn Stewart-Pure Storage
Jeramiah Dooley-SolidFire
Justin Ong-Spiceworks Host