Pure Storage® is a Commvault IntelliSnap® Connect partner and part of Commvault's Technology Alliance Program

FlashStack Data Protection

Commvault introduces a Cisco Validation Design for FlashStack Virtual Server Infrastructure, bringing modern data protection and application availability to FlashStack Converged Infrastructure. See press release, solution brief, and official CVD documentation

Joint Value and Solutions

Commvault adds orchestration and functional value on top of the Pure Storage FlashRecover Snapshot technology with the IntelliSnap technology snapshot management feature set. IntelliSnap technology streamlines and simplifies snapshot management by centralizing snapshot management across one or many storage arrays; automating object, application and database recovery; and linking snapshots to backup processes. IntelliSnap technology quiesces applications or systems, triggers the storage array-based snapshot, and returns the system to a fully operational state within minutes.

Streamline Replication and Accelerate Test/Dev Operations

IntelliSnap technology can simplify disaster recovery and text/dev operations by managing array-based replication and the creation of writable snapshot copies.  Thanks to integrations between Commvault software and Pure Storage,  you can manage array replication to create more frequent, more current DR copies – with full application awareness and granular recovery capabilities. 

The IntelliSnap feature can also create test/dev copies at the DR site, offloading test/dev from the production environment and eliminating the need for manual operations, labor-intensive refreshes, and scripts – significantly reducing overhead and accelerating test/dev operations.

Certifications and Support

Pure Storage is Certified by Commvault for IntelliSnap support across a wide variety of operating systems, file systems, and applications. Commvault supports the entire Pure Storage product family from the FlashArray//m series to FlashStack™ Converged Infrastructure.

Pure Storage has done additional in-house testing using Commvault IntelliSnap for the following applications:

  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • VMware® vSphere® and Horizon®

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