Pure Storage® SAP solutions deliver transformational performance and simplicity for SAP and SAP HANA deployments.

Joint Value and Solutions

Pure is a SAP Partner Edge and Application Development Partner and provides solutions for SAP and SAP HANA applications.

SAP development, roll-out, and management run rates can be thousands of dollars an hour.  As every business becomes more digital, every wasted moment carries a high top line cost.   Pure Storage performance dramatically reduces run rate costs through game-changing levels of performance and resiliency. Customers who run SAP or SAP HANA with Pure see dramatic ROI and payback periods measured in months, not years.

Pure solutions can accelerate SAP running a traditional relational database as much as 10X and the same certified arrays can be used for HANA when customers make that transition.  Nothing more to buy.  With a growing customer base of SAP users, Pure is showing how simplicity and performance can save millions, not just in the datacenter but on the application side as well.

Certifications and Support

All Pure Storage Flash Array families are certified for SAP HANA TDI. Pure also supports SAP running Sybase, Oracle, DB2 and SQL.   Pure developsand tests joint solutions and use cases at SAP’s Co-Innovation Labs (COIL). Pure is an active member of the Americas SAP Users Group (ASUG)

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