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All-Flash Technology: A Necessity to Improve Performance


Bretagne Télécom, founded in 2005, is a national internet and cloud services operator that assists companies and IT Departments in outsourcing their information systems. With more than 10,000 network links deployed and 10,000 managed servers, the operator offers its 3,000 enterprise customers throughout France tailor-made secure solutions and local support through dedicated teams.


  • The disk-based storage system was unsuitable for the company’s hosting business and required complex interventions.
  • The storage system’s too-long latency slowed end-user activity.
  • The company needed to meet the quality, speed, and performance requirements of corporate customers with a scalable solution.

Use Case:

  • VMware®

Business Transformation:

Bretagne Télécom has considerably improved the performance of its services and reduced the latency and administration time of its storage.  As a result, customer satisfaction has increased and the number of support ticket openings has been reduced by 65%

IT Transformation:

  • Storage latency reduced by 50%.
  • Data processing speed increased by 500%.
  • The solution was simple to administer, requiring no heavy interventions and saving 7 hours per month on storage administration.

“Thanks to the ease of installation and administration of the Pure Storage solution, our teams no longer need to worry about it and can concentrate on other more specific, higher value-added tasks that are not related to storage, such as customer supervision and satisfaction.”

Franck Truet, Infrastructure Manager

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