Speed and Performance in a Flash

As data becomes more important to your business, you need servers and databases that can quickly and efficiently deploy your product services before the competition. Pure Storage FlashArrays give you the edge.

Flash is the Future and the Future is Now

Making quick decisions based on real-time data is the foundation for success in any business. Oracle databases with all-flash storage improve productivity, performance and speed up time to market, all while reducing long-term costs.


Flash array speeds eclipse those of spinning disk arrays. Sydney-based fruit and vegetable marketer Perfection Fresh replaced its entire existing disk with Pure Storage Flash Array, equating to 12TB, and is now processing queries up to 10x faster.{Need A link to Case Study}


Flash arrays provide unprecedented and consistent performance to support existing applications and enable the development of new ones. Pure Storage FlashArray, for example, executes 300,000 IOPS at sub-millisecond latency.


Flash arrays require no tuning, no complex LUN management, no RAID compromises and no block alignment issues - so less time is spent on database management. Companies using flash can also expect a 10x reduction in backup/recovery time.

White paper – Oracle databases access info faster with flash

Oracle databases are the backbone of a wide range of business-critical applications, from online transaction processing to business intelligence systems for corporate finance. Organizations are under increasing pressure to process more transactions at a faster rate and to drive efficient and consistent performance from their Oracle databases. We are confident Flash is the answer. Read our paper on how you can use Flash storage to drive performance and efficiency in Oracle databases.

8 Tips and Tricks for Oracle Databases

Still trying to figure out whether an all flash array is worth the investment for your Oracle database? Here are eight tips and tricks that will help you find the answer from a technical perspective, including block alignment, latency issues and IOPS capability.

Introducing Chas Dye, the Database Guy!

Meet Chas Dye, the dynamic and wonderfully informed database architect who advises users around the world on the science of database optimization. He's uplifting, he's quixotic, he's a database optimization scientist who explains how databases get better and worse in different scenarios.

In this episode, Chas Dye discusses the impact of flash storage on database IO.


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