An Imperative Technological Renovation Led Agrosuper to Look for Storage Alternatives


  • The company needed a storage platform that o ers a good cost ratio per TB.
  • SAP Hana had to be implemented without service interruptions.
  • Allow replicating information to a contingency site in a safe and consistent way and under the time required by the business.
  • Simplify storage infrastructure operation with a better TCO in comparison to previous technology. 

IT Transformation

  • Storage management was simpli ed, improving the operational continuity of the storage service, due to the fact that the risk of human error was reduced.
  • With CAT for SAP, it could complete the copying and cloning of a 21TB database — a process that usually took days — in just 20 minutes. 
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“Having Pure Storage has eased the execution of critical projects, enabling us to meet the deadlines and scope of projects that are extremely relevant for the company.”
Carlos Pozo, IT Technology and Architecture Chief