Going The Extra Mile With FlashArray


Toyota Financial Services New Zealand is the largest motor vehicle manufacturer-owned finance company in New Zealand. After years of difficulty with sluggish, legacy storage systems that were complex to manage and expensive to scale, the company turned to Pure Storage to deploy faster, easier-to-use infrastructure that would better prepare them for the future.


  • Legacy storage was too complex to manage and difficult to expand.
  • Poor storage performance caused delays in accessing applications and files, impacting business productivity. 

Use Case:

  • Virtualisation: VMware®
  • Database: Microsoft® SQL, Microsoft Exchange® 

Business Transformation:

With Pure Storage, Toyota Financial Services employees now have uninterrupted access to essential applications, while IT spends virtually no time managing storage. High-performance storage is also helping the team integrate business intelligence into its operations and enhance the performance of its critical applications. 

IT Transformation:

  • The time spent replicating systems has shrunk from eight hours to less than one.
  • Spinning up services now takes seconds instead of minutes.
  • The team has more time to spend on key business intelligence initiatives. 
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“It’s one thing to claim a system is easy to manage, but it’s another to really prove it. And Pure Storage has done just that from day one.”
Barry McAuslin, Senior Database Administrator