Victorinox Enhances its Storage System in Preparation for Continued Growth

Business Transformation

  • The new storage system has resulted in a 20 percent faster response speed when accessing the ERP system. Thanks to its architectural advantages and highly efficient data reduction, Victorinox can meet current requirements in a lean and cost-efficient manner, as well as react effectively and agilely to future business requirements. Additionally, the Pure Evergreen™ Storage model protects investments to a great degree, and enables huge savings in full-cost accounting over several years.

IT Transformation

  •  Data reduction ratio reached 3.2:1 for all workloads including VDI and SQL; providing 20 percent faster user access. 
  • Easy-to-use storage environment required no outside assistance or additional software. 
  • Higher virtualization engine throughput was achieved as predicted. 
  • Significant time was saved when performing maintenance and booting the virtualized environment.
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“Our goal is to operate a lean IT system — it should run on its own, without bells and whistles. And the same is true for Pure Storage. That’s the simplicity we love so much.”
Peter Detterbeck, Head of Global IT Services